About Us

Porter’s Pantry is a boutique supplier of handcrafted food products that will appeal to those who like to have more than salt and pepper in their pantry or perhaps want something with a handcrafted taste but don’t wish to make it themselves.

Greg Porter is the founder of Porter’s Pantry, a fine food lover who possesses inquisitive taste buds and a keen interest in cooking. He now wants to share some of his food with others through markets where products will be available for tasting and sale, as well as some meals that utilize the Porter’s Pantry products.

Currently, Porter’s Pantry is attending Maket by the River at Halverson Park, 40 Seamist Drive, Ermington (adjacent to Parramatta River and quite picturesq). I am looking for additional markets to attend so stay tuned for news of those.

A range of products will be available throughout the year and some of it will be seasonal, utilizing fruit and vegetables that are at their tastiest. Almost all of the product will be sourced from Australian farmers, either directly or from markets dealing in Australian produce where possible. The current olive products are sourced from his sister’s olive grove in Orange while figs featured in the Fig and Ginger jam are also sourced directly from a fig orchard located in Orange.

The range of products includes:-

· Olives – plain in brine, marinated olives (Chilli & Garlic, Preserved Lemon and Rosemary), semi dried olives (Chilli & Garlic, Lemon and Rosemary)

· Jams – including Fig & Ginger, Rhubarb and Vanilla, Bacon

· Pickles – Red radish, White Radish, Cabbage, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Fennel, Plum and Fennel, 

· Preserved Citrus – Lemon and Limes

· Chutneys – Tamarind, Eggplant

· Dips – Eggplant, Hummus (Plain, Green and Beetroot)

· Sauces – Tamarind, Teriyaki

· Soups – Pea & Coriander, Gazpacho

· Syrups – Saffron, Lime Saffron , Honey Saffron

At markets, some simple meals will be served that utilize Porter Pantry products including chilled soups (summer), hot soups (winter) and breakfast salads.

Porter’s Pantry is a work in progress and many other products are in the pipeline, while customer requests for particular products will be considered in the future. This is important if particular ingredients (e.g. garlic) cause discomfort to particular people.

At the markets I have attended so far this year, quite a number of people have asked me how to use the products. It is my intention to add more detail to each of the products showing how I use them . In the future, I may produce some simple videos showing how to use the products.

I welcome your comments and feedback on my contact page. Your suggestions for new products are welcome and I have already acted on some from people attending the market where I have been attending.

I hope you find the website informative and the products delightful to your tastebuds.

Greg Porter