Temporary non presence at Markets

Unfortunately, due to a unfortunate accident to me last Friday, Porters Pantry will NOT be attending ANY markets for the foreseeable future.
I took a bad tumble and fell badly on my elbow. The elbow was reconstructed in an operation lasting 4 hours last Monday at Westmead Hospital.
I will return home in the next 5 days once the pain is under control.
I have no intention of shutting shop but I do need to know how the production and selling might change, and I will communicate what products are available and when they might be available. Until I sort the production capability out, there will be limited stock available for purchase online through this website.
My experience at the markets has been positive one and thanks to my regular clients who have made several suggestions for additional products.
So, be patient and keep an eye on my website or Facebook page for updates.
Porter’s Pantry will be back!!

Recycling initiative

A number of clients have asked whether we might take jars back. I am pleased to say we will, and we will give you one dollar for each jar you return. You might of course, apply this against other products that you might purchase. The return jars, if in good condition, will be cleaned and sterilised for further use. You may return the lids as well but they will not be reused as the spring and seal may not be as it should.

Welcome to Porter’s Pantry Website

Hello.. Welcome to the first and very rough version of Porter’s Pantry website where you can view, buy and comment on the products available for sale.

Unfortunately you can’t taste online, but I have to say thank you to all those who have attended Market by the River and given me such good feedback on the food and suggested other products I might make for sale.

This is a little venture I am enjoying so much. Thank you also to my close friends who have helped (and still are) along the way.

What you see here is just the beginning, so enjoy and stay in touch.